Drowning inYou

October 21, 2010
I’m drowning,

And there’s no way out.

I’m drowning,

The waters clouding my mind.

I’m drowning,

In an ocean of sadness.

I’m drowning,

All because of you.

You have no idea

What I’m talking about.

“Who, me?”

Yea you.

I cant keep treading water


My lungs are shrinking,

screaming for air.

The waters choking me

More every minute.

I cant breathe.

Good for you.

I hope you’re happy.

I’m about to drown in the blue.

My heart beat fades,

with the crashing waves.

And then I’m under,

With a final slip under a wave.

My life extinguished,

Unnoticed, in this sea of despair.

And you, yes you.

I hope you hear my silent scream,

My last breath.

I see the blue, my eyes flutter,

Under the surface of the ocean.

The last they see before black forever,

Is you.

All because of you.

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