Found my Love in Death

October 21, 2010
By Anonymous

His large hands held me easily
As I fought to get through
He carried me away
And said “Calm down Drew”
I kicked and stretched
Moaned and screamed
But my friends were still dead
And Devin only worried about me
He keeps checking me over
And amiss the hysteria
I see that he is truly worried
And let him take all my fury
When he sees I am calm
He checks the back of my head
And now I see that I bled all over his truck bed
He calls over the paramedics
They check me over
Then bring a stretcher
Which I push away in anger
And as they secure my head I wish I was dead
Because my best friend is cold in the snow
Her eyes wide open see nothing
And her boyfriend still grips the wheel
The moment frozen forever
Only I was lucky enough to survive
The black ice on the road
Because Devin pulled me out of the car
Before the engine decided to explode
As the workers stitched me up
They check my pulse
And gather my blood
I look up at Devin and cry
Because of him I did not die
Maybe one day I will be grateful
But as of right now my thoughts are hateful
And yet I love him
Managing the smallest smile
I lay patiently on the stretcher
Knowing tonight was the end of my journey
Because I have found the man who saved me from being on a gurney

The author's comments:
"This is based on the death of one of my mothers best friends, Devin died a few years later from cancer"

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