My Rainbow

November 4, 2010
My Rainbow shines until it breaks down and crumbles when the Leprechaun finds out their isn’t a pot of gold at the end

I’ve cried so many nights and sat up with my knees to my chest because of you, because of this world, because…i’m sad

You and I never even got to start, we didn’t get to call each other different pet names, I never got to tell my girls “yeah that’s mine!” “Yeah he’s my boyfriend,” Hmph…Boyfriend? Such a funny word coming from my lips. I can honestly i’ve never and probably won’t ever use that word towards any sucka, because they all still haven’t come to me with a full heart.

But this word Love, it’s used so lightly. I even thought it was real between us, but things change. My heart changes.

It’s filled with bitterness and resentment. I’ve back tracked ever single conversation we’ve had and It was you that took the first step of leading me into your space, leading me into you world,

I’m pissed! I’m done! I’m signing out! When your ready and willing to come to me with a full heart and a empty mind, i will fill it with secrets, words of wisdom, and the sound of my voice in your ear,

Today that Leprechaun smiles because my rainbow is bright when your not around.

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