If I Look the Other Way

November 4, 2010
If I look the other way,

Don't be offended.
It's not because I'm shy,
It's not because I'm unsocial,
It's not because I'm arrogant,
It's not because I'm haughty,
It's not because I'm proud,
It's not because I think I'm better than you,
Or I think I'm too good for you.

[It's behind my mask, that I find shelter...]

It's because I'm afraid my pain and tears would be too great for you to bear.
You would suffer; unnecessarily.


[|And I don't want that.--]

So if I look the other way,
{Just take me by the hand,
| look me in the eyes,
| wipe away my tears,
| pull me close & hold me tightly
| & whisper softly in my ear

"I love you..."
| And everything will begin to
| reverse (its') course...|}.

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