My Style

October 29, 2010
By , Racine, WI
Long hair
Dirty blond
Blond highlight
With a streak running down

Blue eyes
Sometimes green
My hair covers them
So nobody can see me cry

Black walls
Black cloths
Black world
Nothing to see

Pierced ear
Always looking down,
Makes me Goth
Why do you put names on me

You judge me right away
Making me wonder why
You say I’m Emo
With a cut on my arm

Everyone has problems
Everyone feels pain
Everyone cries
It makes me bad that I hide

Everyone feels love
I feel a broken heart
Everyone says forever and always
I say when is it going to end

Pain hurts me but is not scary
Broken hearts kill me but I survive
It’s just another tear that falls
It’s Just another tear I hide

People look and stare
They laugh and tease
Judging me like they no me
But they don’t even give me a chance

I am who I am
It’s my own style
I’m not Emo or Goth
I’m just me

I’m nice to people
I’m sweet when I want to be
I make people smile
I’m really nice to people
All I need is a chance

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