If I were her

October 31, 2010
By Angelica Huitzil PLATINUM, Wilsonville, Oregon
Angelica Huitzil PLATINUM, Wilsonville, Oregon
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If i were her, I would hold his hand, infront of all my friends, ill keep him close till i can see the end, i would kiss him when i put lip gloss on, i would love him with all his good and wrong

I swear i would be his and only his, but this aint the way it is..

Because shes the one holding his hand, kissing his lips, standing by his side and im the one holding my breathe, standing in line, yeah, hes the one on my mind, and hes the resson for all those tears i cried.

Ill like to see the day it rains yeah babe the day you go insane and relize im the only way. So the water will clean your mind, so lets not waste any more time

If I were her I would be right by your side when you need it most, I would be your sun, the light, those stars, you would be my love yeah my first, oh we wouldnt need nothing no money, a house, or cars, Im only yours, yeah babe only if were her
only if i were her..

if i were her
i would love you even more

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