Broken Dreams & Shattered Hope

October 31, 2010
By BrilliantTragedy BRONZE, Thomasville, Georgia
BrilliantTragedy BRONZE, Thomasville, Georgia
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"Living in the land of 'if only' will get you absolutely nowhere my love." myself

Broken and bleeding is how they found me
collasped in a heap upon the bathroom floor
I'm slipping away from everything i once knew
As i recollect all the promises you ever made to me

Promises I used to believe in
The memories cut deeper with every passing minute
Jealousy takes hold of me, as I remember..
As I remember her

The promises I made are also broken
I promised I was different from the others
She was my achilles heel, my only weakness
What more could you expect from me, You were always with her

My reaction to it all was a thousand times milder
A thousand times milder than how I really wanted to respond
My glass heart shattered into a thousand shards
razor sharp, the bit into my hands as I tried to hold the pieces

Now I see You with her
And watch You walk right past me not even noticing the tears rolling down my cheeks
Knowing Your happy with her is the most painful concept for me to grasp
Even worse, I know its my fault, all I did was drive You closer to her

Twisted smiles haunt my dreams
All I can see is those ocher eyes of yours glaring at me through the darkness
Panting & gasping, as realization slowly hits me
This is not longer just a nightmare, this is the life I live

My hourglass is running low on time
I slip away from reality and into the darkness
In my final moments, all I can remember is the glow of your eyes
And the smile I used to know

Then my mind drags one last memory that i'd kept locked away for safekeeping
The one where You said, "I do care about you."
And thats when my my body starts to shut down completely
The light goes out as I die holding onto broken dreams and shattered hope

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