Everything changed

October 30, 2010
I was sad and hurt.
I was heartbroken,kept on
telling myself no one could
have my heart anymore.

Then it happened.
I met you,thought you were
pretty handsome,but that
didn't fix the hurt.

As we got to know each other
more,you changed me.Now that I'm
falling for you,I'm scared.Scared
of telling you how I feel.

What if you don't feel the same?
What if I make a huge mistake?
I don't wanna cry anymore,I just
want someone who will feel the same.

Everything changed the first time
you made me laugh.I'm really scared
of how you'll react or what you'll
say if I tell you that I have a crush on you.

I've been through a lot,&it'll take
a while for me to open my heart like that again.Cuz your smile changed everything,I just wanna say I really like you!

And hope you would feel the same...

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