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October 28, 2010
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The times seemed right at first. when all these days were melded together so perfectly.
it was as if these times would rather cease in there own existence than continue on there
righteous path. but beyond these mellow clouds there's a truth.
one that's masked so brilliantly behind painted canvas.
that lights the way beyond anything ever unimaginable.
its true when i close my eyes i may dream. but is dreaming really all that's ever done.
how about when i close my eyes and i don't dream. or when sleep is dilatory at coming to
your ever so longing gesture of escape.
you know those thoughts that seem to take over and send you spiraling down a void of never ending
despair. its as though sometimes i know you'll still be there. even when the irony of it all
sinks in.
and though the beauty is still forgotten just like the day, night withholds as well. and for I'll still be here
even if your not. and that silver lining of glitter that i see through the darkened sky always seems to
light the way beyond what i can no longer find.
its true that when I'm alone, and the lights are shining small leeway's through the night.
upon the coldest of them all i want to see my breath, and feel the cold air upon my skin.
just like a child i long to belong, but what has a comparison of laughter and joy become
but one of an ever so lasting torment of despair.
and upon all this dismay I'll still lend my own.
maybe one day within it all something different may be. like a quarantined apathy of
one that's so morbid it seems in the darkest of corners or the brightest of days.

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