"What Do You Want?"

October 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Spending every day at work,
just for a little perk.

All day just pushing pencils,
its a wonder that you're not mental.

The work you do is so boring,
you find it hard to wake in the morning.

You work long hours every day,
just to get a little more pay.

All that you want is to go away,
who cares what others say.

Youu want warm weather and cold lemonade,
or a cozy couch and the Maisies Day Parade.

You want a hot beach, just soakin up the sun,
or the Rocky Mountains and winter fun.

Can you see the warm white sand?,
its small soft grains running through your hand.

Can you smell the fresh mountain air?
the snow is falling gently without a care.

Or maybe you see your own home,
on your bed as soft as foam.

For me its on a mountain side,
looking to see what the mountain can hide.

The author's comments:
i based this piece on Arthur Millers quote, in "The Death of a Salesman", "To suffer 50 weeks of the year for the sake of a 2 week vacation when all you really desire..." I simply thought of some of my fondest memories and wrote about them.

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