What Happened To Change All That?

October 29, 2010
By , Arlington, VA
When you were one place,
I'd be right beside you.
Now when You anywhere,
I can't be there too.

When we saw eachother,
we'd hug almost instantly.
Now I crave those moments,
so much and so desperately.

When We talked on the phone,
we'd stay up to talk all night.
Now whenever we're on the phone,
All we do is yell and fight.

Everyday everyone would ask,
"Hey are you two dating?"
Now nobody asks,
and I ask myself "Why we hating"?

When you were beside me,
you made me invincible.
Without you beside me,
I feel despicable.

I felt like your superman,
but even superman's heart can go splat.
Now I just wanna know,
What Happened to Change All That?

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