October 21, 2010
I'm tired
Too much fighting
Too much sorrow
Dissonance from two hearts beating inches apart

I'm tired
Being powerless
Being helpless
Forced to view the problems of the world continue unresolved

There is time for anger
There is time for uncertainty
There is time for apologizing
There is no time to change the past

Turned around
I see the ruins of paradise
Our home of harmony and union
Set aflame by the friction of opposing lovers

There is time for action
There is time for planning
There is time for doing nothing
There is no time to mourn

Not anymore
Not after the fallout
Not after we witnessed the capacity friends had for rage

The air sizzled with the tension of accusations
The smoke from the fire choked us on the sidelines
Refusing to take a side
Refusing to leave friends to their own devices

I miss those days
Time moves too fast
Shifting from serenity to violence with the simple shaping of words

I hope there will be a time to repent

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