October 25, 2010
By ElizabethKiley PLATINUM, Washington D.C., District Of Columbia
ElizabethKiley PLATINUM, Washington D.C., District Of Columbia
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It's a light
Gleaming down
Lighting the streets of a 1000 stories
It's the only one of it's kind
It has witnessed so much
A broken heart
A broken leg
Maybe one day it will witness a healing

It glows down
Never truly fading for long
Outside it's pearly lake is black
It doesn't show anything
Just black
The light
A ray of hope on this tangled street

The light is on you- a spotlight
You step out into the black
A different world

The black pulls you
No scream can emerge from your bone dry lips
It pulls you along alleys
To a broken house

You see a father with a single tear
You see a mother sleeping by the sink
You see a brother reading a bible in the privacy of is room
You see a sister looking out her window, tightly gripping her phone

Out the window is blackness
Except for a glimmer of hope

A streetlight

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