October 20, 2010
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Smooth sheet of white resting on the Earth
solid clear spikes melting off of ledges
drip; drip the water falls from the tip like a leaking faucet
Small, gentle flakes float down in piercing silence
tongues reach out to catch the chilled powder.
Children sculpt snowballs,
and they laugh as the wet formed flakes crash into them
and crumble back onto the snow bank.

Noses pop out from under the snowdrift and look from left to right
tails brush tree branches and bring down mountains of wintry powder.
Foxes chase after rabbits that scurry under bushes
and nocturnals watch over the snowy night like royal guards.
Birds fly over the white treetops and, whoosh, skim the chilly frost,
bedewing their wings and feet.
Bears are unseen as they rest in their dark dens,
And fish lie awake sleeping at the bottom of their frigid home.

When spring comes, the snow will thaw and become a puddle.
Sledding will be forgotten
and snowball fights will be abandoned.
Why must flowers replace the snow
and sandcastles replace snowmen?
ages will pass before cold temperatures will be thought of.
But the flakes will fall again and the trees will wear their frosty coats,
next year.

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