Truth be Told

October 24, 2010
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Some may ask why I decided to wait
Some might wonder why I chose now
My answer for those is... would you like t deal with the hate?
Would you want to tell your family and friends how
You were born like this, without a choice,
Feeling as if you don't have a voice?
It's a cruel world, we live in,
Where people think bi- and homosexuality is a sin.
How would you feel
If you were born without this choice?
Would you shout out with zeal,
Or jump up with rejoice?
No, you would not.
At first you wouldn't feel so great.
You'd tell one person and be put on the spot.
So you hold it inside, and wait.
Meanwhile rumors are spread,
False accusations made.
Negative things written for others to have read,
Causing you to fall into the grey of a new shade.
You'd feel the eyes
Of a thousand lies
Staring you down
At every sound.
You'd hear your name,
But duck in shame.
For the lies were true,
Every one of them that were told about you...

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