Blue Moon Love

October 24, 2010
May i forbid to omit the fact. That when you stare at me like that. It just enables my heart to receive the full compulsion to rapidly react. One, three, four, seven. Yes, I love the soundings of that. And just like if you're walking in front of me im watching you, protecting you. I got your back. Its a crazy world we live in now a days. So to be together till this day. Im not gna lie I am pretty amazed. See, because relationships in these days of time. Just get screwed over and people act like its all dandy and fine. And many people just cant decipher their own perception of life therefore making their lifes meaning so undefined. But you're my lifes greatest meaning and so thats make my life beyond devine. My life with you is now so beautiful like a garden of flowers. And i tend to fall deeper for you by the pass of the hour. Yes you entirely, I do admire. The love i feel for you like a match sparking up. You light me on fire. you don't find this love often. this is a blue moon love?. a blue moon love, sent from from the angels up above.

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