October 23, 2010
Our fears lurk in the darkness
They wait and pray on you like nothing
But you don’t know how to overcome it
It’s a thought in your head that wont leave
You try and try but nothing happens
“How do I overcome my fear” you may ask
It’s hard to do but not impossible
It’s scary to do but harmless to feel
You shiver in fear as it eats you inside
There is no hope
You can’t do it
That’s what your fears want you to think
Fear needs more fear to live
But dies when You overcome it
More shadows roll in
The skies darken to black
You look but can’t see
You begin to feel scared
There is always a fear lurking
It’s just waiting to embrace you from behind
But you never learn
There is always a fear just lurking behind you
It is scary
It lives inside you
But whatever you do
Face the fact
Fear is always near
But you just can’t see it
But that doesn’t mean it’s not there
You need to forget your fears
And leave them behind
Try new things and fear wont come
But you always think you can live with it
But only for so long
It will haunt you until you make it leave
You will know when fear comes
Your inside shrivels
And your emotions weaken
You begin to feel scared
But you need to over come Your fears
If you don’t, you could miss out on something fun
And you will always regret it until your fears leave

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