October 23, 2010
Kill me
For mercy or hate
and toss me into the sea
Sink me in that deep blue lonliness
the same that envelops me
Heartbreak is my name and disaster my passion
Love is my ultimate enemy
didn't you know? blood is the new fashion
so hit me if you want
kick me when im down,
nut i'll just get back up and say "lets have another round"
yea run from me if you want,
but im always there
lurking inthe bushes waiting to catch you unaware
no my names not really Heartbreak
my name is Lauren, but heartbreak follows me
and everywhere i go people always tryna hate on me
tryin 2 be my buddy,
but i know they're really not
im phsychotic, loco, crazy everyone knows
sitting here alone with my sarcasim,
but hey, im better than them h*s

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