The Meadow

October 23, 2010
By Jms111 GOLD, Rosamond, California
Jms111 GOLD, Rosamond, California
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There it was before me, The Meadow
As I walked along The Road
I wandered for weeks
slowly losing focus of my intentions
It had seemed that I was lost
yet everyone who walked by knew my name
I’m just a soul with a name I thought to myself
I have eyes as they do, and a voice

Though I was them, I had seen different
I had seen The Meadow, they had looked but never saw
I didn’t feel so tired anymore,
making my way to reach It, let It hear my voice

There It was before me, The Meadow
It called my name and I ran, I ran through It like wind
It cried out, I let it cry on my cheeks
Somewhere, I thought someone must miss me
But I didn’t care, I had seen what they could not

Along the busy Road, I had stepped foot onto the surface
It grabbed hold of my legs, making me feel weak
This journey of mine had come to a pause,
for I was in The Meadow

On my knees asking why It was only me
It pushed me down like gravity
I felt so different, so truly happy
Nothing could have taken my mind,
my body, the way The Meadow did

As I lied there, in The Meadow
I watched the clouds, so beautiful a backdrop as brown
They would come and go, but I never relaxed my face
Lips so raw from tasting It’s atmosphere
Telling myself I’d never leave, then asking The Meadow
It didn’t speak, but of coarse It didn’t

This whole time, I had been lying alone
This whole time, I had been seeing an illusion
They say the same thing every time
but I truly was
I was nothing but the air in my lungs
And The Meadow was nothing to anyone
but me

Closing my eyes to hide the truth
The Meadow took me, afflicted me
I lied there, being stripped of my flesh
my eyes, my voice
Every inch of me spilling from the core
Every word spoken fell to the floor
It strapped me down and burned me to ashes

Dispersed across The Road, like the leaves of fall
The Meadow had deceived me
Now that I was part of nothing, I felt something
I felt just like them, blind
My sockets were empty, just like my hands
There was nothing left to give The Meadow
for It had taken everything

There It is before me, The Meadow
though I have forgotten the sound of its brush
I can still see it, tauntingly beautiful
The road is still there,
bodies lying upon its shoulders

What I would give to walk along The Road
but I have nothing, everything to regain
Soaking into the soil, begging for a way to grow again
I want to be blind
The daydreams will come to an end, so that I can go back to the beginning
I don’t want to see ever again
lay me down along The Road
throw my ashes into the sea where the clouds can’t reach
shake my hand goodbye,
Where I’ll end up, anywhere but here
Anywhere but The Meadow

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