A Funny Friend

October 23, 2010
By gleekster14 GOLD, San Angelo, Texas
gleekster14 GOLD, San Angelo, Texas
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" I still belive, in spite of everything, people are truly good at heart."

Such a funny friend
Who came to me at the most frightening of times
When my voice had just begun to crack
When they showed us videos on things that made me squirm
My spirits were as high as a mountain and the summit was within my reach

The bell had been ringing
And each ringing toll brought a new set of names to learn
A new set of faces to sketch in my mind
Faces that would see me through the high moments of felicity and the low moments of solemnity
The dark storms and the clear skies with a rainbow overcast
I met you among a room of unfamiliar faces
But you
With your perky, lively smile that raised a wilting flower back to good health

I introduced myself in a nervous, informal way
“Hi” I gasped having made a new friend
“Michelle” you exclaimed
Your effervescence blew me away
Your friendly gesture
You laid out your hand
And I shook as I gripped with joy

Here now lay an open valley
From then on I could not ignore
I took a breath in this pristine beach
And followed this laughing angel heading out towards the sea

This unwinding bud
I jumped with anticipation of what’s you’d become
What sacred creature or form would be released?
From those fresh green leaves
Still growing
Still thinking
Still holding my heart and never letting it slip

I jumped fool heartedly of a cliff
Where I plummeted into a feeling I’ve never known
You gave me the strength
The will to close my eyes
Take a deep breath and then
Into love

The author's comments:
This is a poem held a little bit closer to the heart. A very good friend of mine moved away to another school. On her departure, she left me with a sweet little poem about our friendship and left it to me as a remebrandt of her lively personality. I felt obliged to honor her and our relationship as well by writing my own poem about my feelings about her.

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