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October 22, 2010
By Kittylover678 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Kittylover678 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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‘’we need to talk’’ it is the 4 words every kid dreads. From day one, you can’t do this you can’t do that, I want a divorce when kids hear that they see nothing else around them but what they just heard. You hear nothing else but your heart beat. When the judge asks who you would rather go with, no kid can choose a parent over the other. It would be a tough situation. Plus, every other weekend you have to go with a different parent which makes your life harder one house to another, a longer drive to school, a shorter drive to school. You have to make new friends and you have get settled in a place you have possibly seen in your nightmares, you hear a gun fire at night wishing you were the person, that the bullet went through because you want this suffering to end, you want your old life back.

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