you make my heart stop

October 22, 2010
By Anonymous

when im with you
my heart stops beating.
when you look at me
i cant breathe.
like a flower needs the sun
i need you.
i need your presence
your laughter.
its contagious.
i cant control my smile
when youre around.
you stir me up inside
like the wind to the ocean.
when youre not around
you consume my thoughts.
day and night.
i want you here.
i want to look into your eyes.
without saying a word
you can hear my thoughts.
you can read my mind.
you understand me
like nobody else.
youre a solid tower.
i know i can lean on you
and you wont budge.
you draw me into your arms
and tell me its ok.
its you i desire
its you i need
without you
im like a flower
withering without its light

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