October 21, 2010
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Here I am smiling
Just acting like any person would
Hoping no one would see behind the mask a made
Where they would see my hurt eyes
And my vulnerable expression

When I smile
The corners of my lips are brought up
My teeth showing a little
My body towards you
And my eyes are trying to hide all

I walk around telling my self
“keep smiling,
And everything will get better”
So my smile seems to get wider

I have many smiles
My hide smile
My scared smile
My sad smile
My excited for you smile
My gym smile
My smile where I think everyone is insane
My writer’s smile
And my “just pull through” smile

After all of those
I don’t have a happy smile
Or a real excited smile
Or my real smile

Here my smiles are my mask
They hide all I can’t say
They are what everyone sees
And they have been always
Apart of me

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