Through the eyes of a Gangster

October 20, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a foggy white moon and they were side by side
A little child with older brother going home that night
They didn’t own a cell phone and had no change for a ride
It seems the basketball game lost their track with time
A perfect night for a crime because the fog was getting thicker
They took another route so they would get home quicker
Then a car came around and shot the little one down
The older one saw his brother as he fell to the ground
The silence pierced with a shout of horror bursting aloud
The older one is crying out but no one is helping them out
The blood just kept poring out no mater how hard he tried
To pressurize the hemorrhage and cut the bleeding inside
But in the fight to stay alive, he knew that death had arrived
He held his little brother tight and told him go to the light
Kuz everything will be alright and they will be together soon
That night he died, it was a foggy white moon

The author's comments:
The spelling isn't the best But the work itself is amazing .. please give me an honest opinion

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