October 20, 2010
By Anonymous

A slap in the face with a mothers eyes,was as deep as a childs cries.

A drink of a bottle,a hit of a bong.A child sittss quietly just listening to the song.

A wip to the front,A wip to the back.Achild sits watching every crack.

Crying for help,feeling what came,hiding the pain,seeking the shame.

Living a life with people in know.

Running away with every toww....

Saying goodbye,saying hello,Shaking a hand or stealing some doe.

Sent away to place of unknown.

Crying aloud missing them so.

Begining a life of a dream you had.

Loving eachday with memories we have.

Hating the day that bars come between,or killing those days that boddles would leak.

Having the dats with family we meet.

Taking a picture of a family tree.

Watching the fights crying so hard.

Worried of what would happen in the car.

Saying i love you

saying goodbye.

Leaving those days with tension inside.

Calling the phone not getting a dial.

wondering whats going to happen in a while.

Following the road thats on your mind.

Not arriving to the scene on time.

Walking to a song that cops just lie.

Not believing shes gone this time.

Crying to god"please tell me shes not gone this time of day".

Letting it slipp,locking your mind.

Moving a family,watching a crime.

Seeing the death of her face,I cry.

feeling the pain,screaming the lies.

Remembering the memories we cry.

Time passes,we start to realize.

Something so special now is in the sky.

Lokking up,praying at night.

Moving eachday becoming the right.

Finding the puzzle still missing the pieces.

Wishing everyday each beginning reaches.

Scared of the hate missing the laughter.

Living eachday thinkng whats after.

Taking the questions,Not believeing the lies.

Just living eachday till i once die.

The author's comments:
my child hood and my past inspired me.i started writing poems after my mothers death 2 years ago

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oL GRAMMA said...
on Jan. 17 2011 at 10:30 am
You did a very good job on this poem. I can tell it really came from your heart. I hope you stick with writing. I am definitely proud of you.


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