October 16, 2010
Why did you break my heart?
Why are you still breaking it?
Why do you cause me pain
Every second of the day?
What happened to our Love?
That burned as bright as
Any star in the sky
Why did our star fall?
Why did you give up?
Why did you stop trying?
Don’t you care anymore?
What are you scared of?
Of falling in love with me again?
Why are you scared?
Why must you always think
Of what is best?
Why can’t you just follow your heart
Let your emotions take over
And do what you want?
Just take a chance…
Try one more time…
It’s not as hard
As you think it is
Don’t be afraid…

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Kaliochka said...
Nov. 3, 2010 at 6:09 pm
Oh my gods, HolyVampyre, how do you write like this? THIS is the essence of poetry. It's wonderful, yet so painful. I feel as if I know what you are saying, as if I was seeing things from your point of veiw. Beautifully written.
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