Hook In My Heart

October 18, 2010
By TwinklesMum BRONZE, Blythewood, South Carolina
TwinklesMum BRONZE, Blythewood, South Carolina
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Here I am day after day week after week year after year waiting for you. You never come. You don't even realize I am here. In elementary school we were the best of friends. But now you seem to not know me. People tell me what to do with you but I never listen. They say just tell him anyway. No I reply with a tear in my eye he is happy this way just let him be. But one day maybe this year maybe next he will come crawling back to me. Asking to take him back. Maybe I will maybe I won't. Your best friends have left you now. The popular crowd has no more spots and you are left out to dround. It's ok they all say he will come crawling back to you one day. Why can't it be the same way it was in first grade. You like some one you tell your best friend and they go tell. Everything is fine and it would all be over by tomorrow. Not now middle school is diffrent. We don't get a friend to tell who we like we don't have any real friends at
all. Only one person knows about my secret crush. The person that does is instructed to hush. You have a girlfriend now and I am single. She is nice and all just not for you. I have two of your friends on a string waiting for it to pop when a new girl comes into the picture. I don't want two strings. I want on the will never break and a hook that will never tear out my heArt when he goes away just like a fish. I am a girl but to you I am just another fish. But we are in middle school nothing ever goes as planned and nothing ever turns out right. We are middle schoolers and I have a broken string with a hook in my heart that is starting to rust.

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