Ode to Algebra

October 17, 2010
By E.T.FoneHome BRONZE, Port Murray, New Jersey
E.T.FoneHome BRONZE, Port Murray, New Jersey
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There’s nothing more fun than algebra, to this is do confess, except, perhaps, shoving my head into a running hydraulic press
But, seriously, algebra, it has so many uses
Just like knowing who was the twenty-third president and the scientific name for North American mooses

All hail mighty algebra, able to keep by attention with a pull so deep
It’s sometimes so overwhelming
I can’t help but fall asleep

Ever instructing algebra, it’s your way or the high way
No need to create or deviate
What a wonderful way to keep imagination at bay!

I’m sorry, dear algebra
I fear I’m being cruel
For though you’re great at numbers, words make you a fool

The answers I desire can are not sprung from mathematical equations galore
I’m sorry, pitiful algebra, the answer to my problems is not x=24

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