Dawn of the Twilight

October 15, 2010
By peaches94 BRONZE, Sun City, California
peaches94 BRONZE, Sun City, California
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I could feel the tears streaming
as i held him and he cried.
While he apologized and begged,
pleaded for retribution and forgiveness
from the one who found him.

Sirens were a distant wail
as our chests heaved, and shuddered with sobs.
He never knew.
Gave up so much, so fast.
So much time was lost, leaving, left.

The blood flowing so freely from his wrists
would never stop.
Never stopped.
We cried together, apologized for so much.
I held him as he lay dying.

We both knew he was so close..
He was... so tired, he told me
I begged him to stay awake
To stay with me; sputtered and screamed
made no difference.

At the end i forgave him.
Only at the end; when the ambulance arrived
and i was wrenched from th lifeless body
of a lost friend. And I... An empty husk.
I was late

The author's comments:
i have never experienced this, but it came to me and i cried as i wrote it

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