October 15, 2010
By Anonymous

ok hey i am the next person to be against suicide
if you talk about your pathetic
people died of it including my best friend
R.I.P James A. (i love you)
He was like my dad, my best friend, happiness and laughter in his eyes
R.I.P Grandma & Grandpa W.
My grandpa shot and killed his wife then himself
they wanted to live together ettornally and stay together forever
my grandpa almost lived thou...
He died a week after my grandma.
His wound didn't kill him fast enough.
Theres many more stories
if you wanna be part of them go ahead
but your forgetting you got your families to care for.
and most of people who tell before they do it
don't (99-100%)
i don't care if you say it
i'll just ignore you
i've had enough of losing my friends and family to it

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