You Think Your Perfect

October 15, 2010
By HiddenMisery BRONZE, Goshen, Indiana
HiddenMisery BRONZE, Goshen, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Party in the sun, get laid in the shade
Are fingure prints dont fade from the lives we touch
Some of the best things come out of the worst situations
Lifes like a box of chacolate, you never know what'ya gonna get
We always hurt the ones we hold most dear

You think you are so perfect

The way you try to act

That fake mask you try to hide behind

The way you try to get the boys attections

The lies you f***in tell people about me

You think you are so perfect

You think your so high and mighty

That it gives you the right to act like a god

When really you like a complet fool

Your head is so full of air its about to brust

Not even the skanky make-up you wear can cover the act

Come to reality already

Your a fraud! Give up the act

Your not fooling me. Your not fooling anyone anymore

The author's comments:
THis was inspired by my old bullies. The preps of my school are the fake ones that pertend to be someone there are not. i have seen it for myself who they really are and thought i should deadicate this to them.

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