Suicide's Not A Game

October 14, 2010
By Lytle92 SILVER, McLeansboro, Illinois
Lytle92 SILVER, McLeansboro, Illinois
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To conquer fear
And take what is yours

You need to be near
Those big, open doors

You want to show them
That you have the power

They say your to slim
So you climb a tower

You say you’ll jump
Because you can’t take it

You were always the chump
And you think you deserve it

You walk to side
As they all gasped

You show them your backside
When your hand was grasped

You are startled
And you start your descent

Your life has been canceled
A total 100 percent

Suicide isn’t a game; it’s a matter of life or death. Please let the professionals take care of the negotiating and don’t try to stop the person by grabbing them, because the person you try to save might end up like this poor soul.

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