I Never Stopped

October 13, 2010
I never stopped liking him,
I never stopped caring,
I never stopped thinking about him,
I never stopped with these feelings…

Why did I ever think I stopped,
Why did I ever think that at all,
Why would I screw that one moment up,
Why would any of this happen to me,

Haven’t enough crap happen to me already?
Guess not…

I get nervous when I see him,
Afraid I might do something stupid,
I can’t seem to manage a hi,
No surprise, sounds like before,
But why the sudden blast of feelings,
Was I blinded for a while?

Maybe I was,
Maybe I wasn’t thinking about him and…
And then when I did, they all came back,

I don’t care anymore,
The things that people would say,
I don’t care anymore,
If people don’t like that I like him,

All I seem to care about,
Is the fact that I could’ve told him,
I want to tell him,
Just how I feel,
But what should I say if I do?

“Hey, I like you again!”
No, that’s pathetic,
Or it sounds like it to me,
Or maybe it doesn’t,
I don’t know,

Just like before,
I can’t get him out of my mind,
He never really left though,
That’s the thing that confuses me the most,

I don’t need to put this poem in a rhyme,
For people to know what it’s about,
I don’t need to put this poem in a rhyme,
For people to get any of it,

All I’m saying,
Is I still have these feelings for him,
I want him to know, but don’t know how,
I miss talking to him that it hurts when I see him,

Is that really too much to understand?
Just a confused high school girl with a crush,
And confused as hell on what to do,

God please help me,
I need your help,
I need someone’s help,
I need to know what to do,
I need some advice on this,
I need to know what to do,

Please God,
I don’t ask for much,
Really I don’t normally ask you much really,
I just want this little advice that you could,
Could somehow give to me,
Show me what you want me to do,
I love you God,
And you know I wouldn’t be asking you this if I didn’t,
I really need to know what to do,
I don’t want to stop liking him,
Even though I know I’ve said I did want to,
I was wrong,

So wrong…

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