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October 13, 2010
By Anonymous

July 5
A life that once seemed simple passes me by each day
I wonder constantly why every complication occurs

Then realizing that this wonder is doing one no good
Life passes by with and without the constant wonders
Knowing that I must stop this insanity I beg myself
Yelling to my thoughts that everything will be okay
But the shadows of life make these yells weak whispers
So soft they cannot reach or express their innocent truth

July 30
Each complication will simply entangle itself upon me
Causing the heart to tremble with fear and doubt
Knowing that I must stay strong for more than one
My heart listens to those weak whispers in finding answers
It searches and ponders every thought completely
Not leaving one idea to waste away in the unknown
Growing tiresome, I begin to see more darkness
Worried once again that the wonder will overcome me

September 12
Each tear trickles down my cheek for each sorrow filled within
Going on about the day without a care in the world
Waiting for all the sorrow to catch up with my rapid thoughts
I hide deep within myself and avoid all true feeling

October 15
Days where emotion seems clear and precise don’t happen
I drive myself insane by not feeling anything but numb
The bonds that once seemed strong are tearing like an old seam
Minus the one in which is experiencing the tearing with me
These seams once held me together, strong, and sane
I am unsure how to mend them back to perfection, if possible
Therefore they are constantly changing and somehow disappearing
I grasp the needle, but it slips and blood trickles down
The pain is an instant relief to the fury of emotion
Wanting more than the needle’s prick, a new concept comes
The clear glass leaves behind marks of emotion, of pain, relief
Yet somehow this glass means more for what it once covered
The photo where life seemed easy, fun, simple, less complicated
Containing pieces of my heart, pieces of my sanity, my desire
The pure red trickling stains the memories of gold

October 18, 2009
The pained glass cannot be my drug for much longer
One mistake and many regrets will form once again as before
This life is filled with simple but heart filled disappointment
Finding joy larger than that of the marked scars becomes essential
Leaning on those who know nothing about my sanity
Reliving all confusion in the whirls and spins thinking of nothing
The bonds formed are stronger than those of the glass
Finally finding the healthy high sharing it with the other broken seam
Together we experience the most exhilarating encounters

October 20,2009
My desires always seem to take over and I’m left nothing
Constantly thinking of those who I cannot have, want, or even see
This one passion of mine brings a bitter sweet happiness
Yet I see past the bitter part to increase the pure joy and love
If only one could simply drop everything for their passion
Forget what they once dreamed, forget the rules, obligations, their life
Embrace the unrealistic possibilities upon my wanting self
Give me hope that once and all too often vanishes from my site
Rain down on me let the opportunities pour blurring my vision more

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