Love, life

October 8, 2010
By Anonymous

love is fake, pain is real, life is a game,
i may be missing people in my life,
but it doesnt bother me,
because people just dont see what i see,
Taylor and Kirstien are the people i trust the most,
we've been more like sisters then friends from birth,
it was the 3 of us growin up, havin fun and gettin in trouble,
now we are more separate almost in our own bubbles,
these are my people, this is where i come from,
just a simple country redneck, not a bum,
im known because of my last name, im not a partier like them,
im just the one to have fun and everything i want,
football is my type of game, love to watch em play,
good,clean fun in Lugoff in the middle of the night,
partyin all day, talkin all night,
Matthew is the only person i have actually fell in love with,
im the girl you will instantly love,
i actually do admit stuff, like the fact i cry and hurt,
i give people advice and help them, even when i cant help myself,
people try to figure me out, its impossible

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