I love you is a powerful phrase

October 6, 2010
By BMTH2000 SILVER, Park City, Utah
BMTH2000 SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
its only so i dont lose my girl...
-Kaname Kuran
"I may not be living but I sure as hell ain't dying."
-Morgan Freeman

Some people look down,
Some to the sides,
Some even up to the heavens,
But to you they bore holes in your body with their eyes

Much to your annoyance,
No one listens to what you want to say,
The anger builds and builds,
Forming just a normal bad bay

But tomorrow you see you still feel it,
The anger and frustration from yesterday,
Still lingers and makes you want to scream,
And everyone shuts you out to your dismay

The next day it feels ten times worse,
But you keep pushing all you want to tell,
But they wont listen no they wont,
And the anger still dwells

The sun comes up the next day,
And you just can’t move,
You feel so heavy and hurt,
Your heart feels it was removed

A month much much later,
You just can’t take it,
And you find that the rope,
Might let you split

The hour before you decide to leave,
You receive a phone call,
Its your father who’s far far away,
Reminding you he wont let you fall

You take another look at the noose,
And decide is not worth the pain,
You take it down from the ceiling,
And throw it out into the rain

Walking taller and prouder,
You take the steps to the building you once dreaded,
The people look at you gravely,
But you smile, your heart has been threaded

The words pour out,
And you see they all speak too,
They went through all you did as well,
And all you wanted to say was... I love you

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