October 5, 2010
By XostephybabayoX SILVER, Bayonne, New Jersey
XostephybabayoX SILVER, Bayonne, New Jersey
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Be the change you want to see in the world- Mohandas Gandhi

Twisted memories, painful thoughts
Cuts across her wrist
Screams are heard, day and night
Happiness has ceased to exist.
Fake smile plastered on her face.
A fake laugh coming out of her mouth.
One minute everything was fine.
Now everything is going south.
No friends to trust or to understand.
So she keeps it to herself.
No need to go to sleep and dream
Because her life is a nightmare in itself.
Don’t judge a book by the cover.
There is much more to be seen
Inside is a desperate, lonely girl.
Doing things to make her unclean.
Her neighbor sees her as a troublemaker.
Her parents don’t seem to care.
She has no one to go to.
None of her friends are ever there.
She locks herself in her room
And blasts her music to the max
Alone In her room
Is the only time she can relax.
She goes to sleep at night.
With one thing on her mind.
The day she will be able to get away
And leave her past behind.

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