Writers's Block!

October 10, 2010
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It seems as if anyone who has ever written anything has written about writer’s block.
What even is it?
Is it a desire to say something so badly,
Yet not know what to say?
Is it some mad determination to put words to paper,
And not have any words to place?
Is writers block created from habit,
That someone is so used to writing
And when they have nothing to write about they write about having nothing to write?
Maybe it is the very opposite,
Having so very much indeed to say and not being able to consciously choose?
Is it a clean slate? A creative oasis that lets you flex your creative muscles?
Writers block is like the Berlin Wall,
Like a cut-off from the creative process.
Like being trapped behind glass
And watching the mechanisms of your mind halt.
Like losing control of your thoughts so there is nothing left,
Like talking a break from actuality and pausing your out of control mind…
Try fitting that many metaphors in any old writing.
Maybe writer’s block is a clever excuse used by students to write about nothing?
You clever, clever students, you.
Writers block doesn’t make any sense , if you think about it.
How can we go all day thinking things and not have anything to say?
What about our observations? Encounters? Thoughts?
Do we have our own thoughts anymore,
Or do we simply write about all of them and have nothing left over?
Whatever this writers block is, it sure gives you plenty to write about!

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