Ghost walking in the night

October 2, 2010
By Ashley Smith BRONZE, Bardstown, Kentucky
Ashley Smith BRONZE, Bardstown, Kentucky
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Restless thoughts.
Sleeping seems like the last thing on her mind.
Pain seeping through her unwilling veins.
Screams in the dead cold night.
Pain seeping through the mask on her false face.
Fear of the pain showing across her heartbroken face.
She is a ghost walking in the night trying to tear the pain away.
Body and soul empty.
Yet, it breathes.
It weeps.
It smiles a fake smile.
Cries in the night breaking the haunting silence.
Walking dead girl.
Pain is life.
Life is prison.
Wanting to break free of this neverending nightmare.
The neverending pain.
She questions what have i become?
What has this life made me out to be?
They do not hear her cries.
No one sees the pain shooting through her veins.
Oh the agony!
Underneath the beauty is a rigid,
Hatefilled young dead soul.
Her face holds a set of lips that are hoarse. nothing comes out.
No voice,
No scream,
No cry,
No song,
NO NO NO!!!!!!!!
The wound opens.
It bleeds.
Bringing all the pain out.
Tearing more wounds open in her heart.
Tears sting her eyes.
Lost, helpless.innocence taken.
She is a ghost walking in the night trying to tear the pain away from her weathered dead soul that needs to heal.

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