October 10, 2010
I stayed because of you. Your kindness kept me on this shaky ground. You saved my sanity when I threw it out; when I cast it aside you brought it in
Front of me you made my pain real. I bared my soul I told you my secrets, and you abused it. I let you in and you smashed it up and left you left me all alone
In the dark. I’m strong now though I didn’t forget what you did I just moved on I don’t care because you don’t I’m back on my shaky ground again with
No sense of sanity no sense of reality but I don’t care anymore because you never did. you used me I’m done with you I hope you’re alone too I will say
Though thank you for what you did. I’m not angry, I’m not mad I’m just confused I said I love you and you said I do too I said you were perfect and you said
You too babe I feel so lost I had you for a day and the same day you went away. Do I miss you, yes I do but the real question is

Do You Miss Me?

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