Nothing, Everything

October 13, 2010
By StellaMitchell SILVER, Needham, Massachusetts
StellaMitchell SILVER, Needham, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."

I’m rainbow,
made of everything I ever was,
everything I am,
everything I dream of being,

Though my skin,
white, stark,
an empty canvas, a moonlit night,
is all people see,
empty, something, nothing,
I can journey within,
travel through myself,
see all the colors of my being,
but where I am
a bright, whimsical planet,
white is invisible,

My yellow is the yellow of sunflowers, swathing the grass,
blanketing the world in light and jubilation,
my blue, serenity, peace with life, love,
and the seeping darkness of my sad purple hues,
orange is my inner youth,
a young child hidden under soft, white wrinkles,
spunky, self-righteous, free,
the wit, and wisdom of my shades of green balance the wildness of my pink,
traveling through emotions, lost in love,
my red, courage, is my only color not yet vibrant,
its faint tint only a fraction of its strength,
its weakness the reason why I’m white,
why my rainbow is hidden under a mask of clouds.

I used to ask myself,
why must we be just one?
Why must the world be forced to choose?
Don’t we deserve to be more than one color,
one color labeling all that we are?
we don’t,
We don’t have to choose.
I hope that one day my rainbow will emerge from behind the clouds and be seen.

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