Ex and Oh

October 12, 2010
Take a walk with me, and I'll show you where you've been.
I know the way you operate.
I've seen the way you live.
I found you, you were crawling.
I taught you how to walk.
Sat with you for hours, and listened to you talk.
Now it's your turn to listen,
Come play a game with me.
It's really not so difficult, but you'll just have to see.
Pay attention carefully.
I'll show you how it goes.
We're playing by my rules now.
The games called EX and OHs.
It starts out fairly simple.
A kiss and then a hug..
Then I'll put you on a leash, and I'll drag you through the mud.
Well isn't this familiar?
You're quite good at this game,
But baby so am I, now that I'm in your place.
Can't be your b*tch forever.
I wont keep crawling back.
You no longer own me, and that's a stated fact.
Boy, you look ridiculous..
You should see yourself
Your head is so far up your A** that you can't even tell.
It's really kinda sad, the way you think you're "sly, or stealth"
But you're the one who dug your grave as shallow as yourself.
So come on over here love, and I'll help you right in.
Forever's what I promised,
So let the games begin :)

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