Once A Home

October 12, 2010
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Once a home.
Broken dreams drape helplessly
From the fogged in windows
Useless hope rests dead
Upon the light wood floors
Shattered love hangs thick
from the white coated ceilings
scattered memories
light the hallways with a warm lone glow

The home stands tall
Yet emptiness floods each floor
Remnants of the treasured memories seep through the pavement
Slowly being dissembled by uneven cracks
and broken pieces of nothingness
Dreams dreamt by the three sisters
Light the dim colorless rooms

Boxed up collections of memories sit alone in the fridgid attic
Lost and dusty; lifeless but not dead
Memories boxed up
inside the corners of our hearts
pieces in our soul
Spaces between our fingers
Are closed away, locked witout a key

Not only did we build this home
But for it built us too
Not only did the walls create a house,
But with the love and dreams, we created a home

As the colorless windows fade away with fog
The memories pour out and down the gutters
When the broken driveway dissolves into nothing
The hope woven inside will disappear into the dark
Once the shattered love takes over each dream
The home will become nothing but a house
A house that was was once, a home.

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