October 12, 2010
By readgirl2 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
readgirl2 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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‎"The happiest people in life don't have it all. They just make the best of what they have."

You threaten me. Over and over again.You cowardly woman. You abuse my mind branding it with your words. What kind of person does that make you? You say hateful things about me craming every word into my over stuffed mind. I am broken. Beacause of you my heart is damaged, a hole left gapping in the center. My mind burned to ash, your words set on fire. My hands broken, unable to reach out for help. My feet, undeveloped, unsure who to walk to. My body died long ago, but my spirit you can not touch. It haunts you with my success and the will to move on. You can never touch my dreams and ambitions. My goals are set for you. To rise against the hurt you shoved into me. I will release this pain and show you what i've become. Beacuse you didnt kill all of me I grew stronger. Now I am stong enough to lift your weight off of me and drown it in a river. No longer you will bring me down. I am the power you helped build. I am stronger.

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