October 12, 2010
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I save you a seat waiting for you to walk though the door.
10 minuets go by and still nothing…

As you appear in the door way, you run in to the class,
I wait for you to take the seat right next to me…
Just waiting and watching every move and step you take,

But you pass by me,

I stared at you all hour that day, waiting for you to look behind your self,
Waiting for you to look in to my eyes, waiting for you to at least say something to me…

Then the next day,
I have a fool proof plan for you to sit next to me,
I wait till you walk in to class and I stare at the door, feeling like it is taking days for me to see you,

Then out of know where,
I see you walk though the door kissing your mom on the cheek, and saying your good byes, I see you holding your red super man lunch box in your right hand. Also you are wearing your spider man velcro shoes and as they flash bright red lights with every step you take.

As I wave my arms and jumping up and down like a wild monkey with its banana,
You finally see me,

As you walk towards me I think to my self, you’re finally going to sit next to me. You’re finally going to look into my eyes, and maybe you’re even going to share your afternoon snack with me because I know I would love to share mine with you too.

But before I know it I am sitting next to you…
Looking in to your eyes,
Confused on what I should do,
Not knowing what to say,
And trying to figure out what you’re thinking,

And even forgetting my name in the process.

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