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October 12, 2010
By Ejups13 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Ejups13 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Crave knowledge like there’s no tomorrow.
Act as if this is your last day to learn something new,
To become an ounce wiser.
You have one mind to fill,
Just one,
Fill it to the brim.
Fly out of bed,
Run into school,
Raise your hand the highest,
Just so that you can learn.

Require bliss in your life.
Do not let others tear you down,
Know their ruthless words are words,
Just words.
You can dance and sing to any song,
You can meet any people you would like,
You can join in on anything,
Just so that you can be joyful.

Eliminate fears and worries.
Life will continue after
You have received a C,
Broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend,
Not made varsity.
Worries are tiny thoughts,
Just thoughts.
Get rid of these worries,
Just so that you can live in peace.

Care for others.
Feel warmth in your heart as if
You are burning up with fever.
This fever of compassion, warmth, and affection
Can only be put out if you do so,
If you lose sight of what’s important.
Rage, apprehension, and disappointment come from your doings,
Just you.
Love abundantly,
Just so that you can feel that irresistible love back.

Desire to see the planet.
Don’t stay in your microscopic world
With a fifty mile radius.
Dare to journey to unknown worlds,
Meet unknown people,
Experience unknown things.
Money isn’t everything,
you will be able to make something happen if you want to,
you must set aside precious time because it will be worth it,
just time.
The world is awaiting you,
Just go see it.

Crave awareness.
Require spontaneity.
Eliminate misery.
Care for human kind.
Desire life.

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