The Games, for Peter

October 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Getting near the fourth
Waiting for my cousins
So excited I can’t stand
It’s going to be so fun

It’s a bright breezy day
Getting ready to go play
Not just sit around all day
my cousins finally came

Going for a kayak with my cousin
We’ll go up and down the beach
My mom taking pictures
Nothing I can possibly do

Kind of bored just sitting in the water
Then we come up with a great idea
Lets play kayak wars and see who will win
My cousin thinks he’ll win but
He hasn’t seen my kayaking skills

Over all he’s the better even with my skill
He’s faster and can turn on a dime
When I can only turn on a quarter
He ends up drenching me but i’m not finished yet

We take a little break then continue
I come with a vengeance thinking I can win
I still get drenched but at least I have an idea
There we are 35 yards out above 100 feet of water
When I try to ram him and tip him over

Nothing good happens he paddles fast
I only hit his back and get stuck
He keeps going and ends up tipping my kayak

I have to swim back to shore
In the freezing cold water of Pudget Sound
I was outmatched from the beginning
In the end I might not have won but it was VERY fun

October 2010

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