October 11, 2010
By DGreen SILVER, Salisbury, Maryland
DGreen SILVER, Salisbury, Maryland
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Fire rages on the inside of me, destroying the place where i called home for you for i have loved you so much and now my anger and hatred towards you have been ablaze destroying what use to be our happy home. all around the fire intensifies running through my veins as it seems to set my whole body ablaze with pits of rage. How could you do this to me? after all that we've been through? i thought we were going to make it through but sadly i was wrongfully mistaken. You said you love me and i loved you even the more. But now you want me back- pleading and begging me to come back with you saying that "i'll never cheat on you again" as your voice continues to break while your still on the phone. i feel as if i have been backstabbed like Brutus did Caesar but instead of bleeding out blood, I bleed out the love that I once had for you. fire engulfs me now i am ablaze with anger and rage. Because what you did was the match that set me ablaze.

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