Flying Without Wings

October 15, 2010
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Show me what I’m looking for. Walking, we go together; you belong with me. I never loved a man, the way I loved you. Temptation, can we get away, far away? Shut up and drive to our sweet escape, feeling u, feeling me, sex on the beach, fingertips, and your hands touch my body, share your love with me? Share your love with me, XO, XO, XO… Here we go again. Bump, bump, bump-- da dum.
Baby I love you: you’re my home. One kiss from you, you make me feel like dancing. Never let you go, darling. Behind these hazel eyes, I will love you forever. Will you love me tomorrow?

Sunday morning. Dreams linger, say my name sweetly. I’ll kiss you sweetly. You make me feel like a natural woman. Spread your wings don’t stop believin’. There stands the glass, a heart of glass, my bleeding love. The first time is the deepest, drops of Jupiter into the ocean; you are irreplaceable.

Clocks, tick tock, tick tock, my eyes wide open. Here without you… tears. No fear, no hate, no pain, no more sorrow … tears. My heart of glass shattered. I can’t make you love me; don’t trust me. How come you don’t call me? I’m sorry. If ever we meet again run, baby, run. I want you; I don’t want to hurt you. Hole in my heart, cold, toxic and unavoidable; things ain’t what they used to be.

Can you handle it? The truth? Truth hurts. I wanna tell you; it’s complicated. Mistress of murder row, your heart. Carry the weight, the burden, trapped in a box, I feel like dying. I miss you, I wanna love you forever. Do right woman do right man; when you were mine, I cheated.
I don’t deserve you. Who knew I could hurt someone like you? How many times how many lies? Don’t let me get me. Lonely girl, can’t stand it, running away. I should have known better. Temptation, lies, time after time, temptation, lies, guilty. Flying without wings, crash and burn. November has come spread your wings, fly away; don’t look back. No more sorrow; don’t look back.
No more silent sunlight, soak up the sun, fly away. I love you. My love doesn’t mean anything. Long way to happy, if you had my love. Say goodbye, let me go. Be free, be free to love; be free to live.

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