What isn't a friend

October 7, 2010
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Have you ever fought some friends?
Have you ever forgiven those people?

Did they apologize to you face?
Did they apologize in a text?
Do you think it’s worth it...?
Do you think they really mean it?

Friends tease each other.
Maybe even prank each other every now and then.
But when you joke about something serious,
like suicide,
and know that other friends have wanted that,
just like you used to.
It’s not worth having that people as friends.


Because they don’t really know you
Unless one of them has the guts
to come up to you and
have the value to try to apologize to your face
It’s still not worth the pain and anger they’ve caused.

Friend are supposed to be like your diaries.
Tell them your secrets
Tell them your memories
And tell them about the dark past.

You’d think it’s easy to forget about the dark past.
When it really isn’t, they come back to torture you.

You’d think they would understand...

When you know they don’t.

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